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Nursing Services in Delhi NCR

12 hours Nursing Services

Our nursing services provide expert care and support for patients in need, with round-the-clock attention and medical assistance for a full 12 hours. Our team of experienced and compassionate nurses is committed to ensuring the comfort and well-being of every patient under our care.

24 hours Nursing Services

Our 24-hour nursing services offer constant monitoring and care for patients who require round-the-clock attention. Our skilled and attentive nurses provide personalized medical assistance, emotional support, and companionship to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care possible.

Attendant Services in Delhi NCR

12 hours Attendant Services

Our professional medical attendants offer expert care for patients in need, providing support and assistance for 12 hours. Attendant provide assistance for patients in need for 12 hours, with expertise in managing medications, mobility support, and personal care.

24 hours Attendant Services

Our 24-hour medical attendant services offer reliable and attentive care for patients who require constant support, including medication management, mobility assistance, and personalized attention to ensure comfort and well-being. Rely on us for exceptional care.


Bedsore Dressing & Prevention Program

Bedsore dressing involves the use of special dressings to treat pressure ulcers that occur due to prolonged pressure on the skin. It helps to protect the wound from further damage and promote healing.


Injection Procedures
at home

Injections procedures performed by Trained manner with aceptic techniques and sterile manner. With proper hygiene, our trained executive give intravenous, Intra-muscular, subentaneous etc injections for various conditions.

XRAY and ecg
at home

X-ray is a diagnostic test that uses radiation to create images of the inside of the body to identify bone fractures and injuries . ECG (electrocardiogram) at home involves the use of a portable device that records the electrical activity of the heart.

ABG and Sleep
Study at home

ABG (arterial blood gas) test measures the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Sleep study, also known as polysomnography, is a diagnostic test that monitors a person's sleep patterns and brain activity during sleep.


Neuro care at home refers to the provision of specialized care and support services for individuals with neurological conditions in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Neurological conditions may include conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and other conditions affecting the brain and nervous system. Neuro care at home may involve a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and other specialists. The goal of neuro care at home is to provide personalized and comprehensive care that is tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual. Neuro care at home may include a range of interventions aimed at improving physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning.


at home

Stroke patient care involves monitoring and managing symptoms, providing rehabilitation, and addressing complications. Patients may require help with daily tasks, such as eating, bathing, and dressing.

PATIENT at home

Care of bedridden patients involves ensuring their comfort, preventing bedsores, managing incontinence, and providing nutrition and hydration. Caregivers must also turn the patient regularly to prevent muscle atrophy and stiffness.


Hip & Knee replacement patient care involves monitoring for complications, such as infection or blood clots, assisting with physical therapy, and providing pain management. Patients may also require help with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing.

Old Age and Palliative
CARE at home

Knee replacement patient care involves monitoring for complications, assisting with physical therapy, and providing pain management. Patients may also require help with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing.

at home

Neurocare at home is a type of medical care that provides patients with neurological conditions with the support they need to recover and live independently. This type of care can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nursing care.

Onco care
and pain management

Onco care and pain management is a multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer patients at home. It includes physical, emotional, and spiritual support to help patients. Pain Management is also done with patients for their treatment.

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Elderly Care
at home

Elderly care involves assisting older adults with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. Caregivers also monitor for signs of cognitive or physical decline and provide social and emotional support.

Geriatic Care
at home

Geriatric care focuses on the unique medical, social, and emotional needs of older adults. Caregivers may help manage chronic conditions, prevent falls, and address cognitive decline. Geriatric care also emphasizes quality of life and independence.

Palliative Care
at home

Palliative care focuses on managing symptoms and improving quality of life for individuals with serious illnesses. Caregivers provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support and help patients and families navigate complex medical decisions.

Dementia Care
at home

Dementia care at home involves providing personalized care for individuals with cognitive decline. Caregivers must manage changes in behavior and communication, monitor for safety risks, and provide emotional support for patients and families.

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